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The Eoforwic Resource Page

our new project!

We often get questions like “where can I find feathers” or “where can I find out about making armour” and a whole raft of other things, so we’re collecting info about as many resources as we can and will list them – with brief descriptions about what they specialize in – here.

If  you have a favourite resource, or one that’s just plain useful, drop an email to and we’ll check it out and add it.

And if you think of more categories that would be useful to cover, please suggest them.

The categories we’re starting with:

Garb – where to find garb, patterns or information about garb

Fabrics & findings – threads, trims, buttons etc…






Calligraphy, Illumination, Papermaking & Bookbinding




Feast gear



Jewellery & beadwork


In the meantime

you can find out more about us at the SCA Newcomers’ Portal and on our Facebook page

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Newcomers’ Portal
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Eoforwic Facebook page






We also have three Yahoo groups:


The White Tower (Swords of Eoforwic)  – for those interested in medieval martial arts

The Pennsic planning list – for the runup to our biggest annual camping event

To find out more about us come to one of our meetings or send us an email at or through our contact page.

To see more of Eirik Anderson’s great photographs of our activities visit

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