Feast of the Bear 2016

Montage of images from Feast of the Bear

Saturday, September 10, 2016
St-Simon-the-Apostle Anglican Church
525 Bloor St East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1J1
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There are lots of exciting things planned for the pleasures of Their Royal Majesties Nigel and Adrielle, and Their Excellencies of Septentria, Dafydd and Mahhild, and Their most esteemed populace.

Martial Activities

Join us for the Emprise of the Wolf and Bear! Following the format of last year’s Emprise of the Ermine Star, this tourney will allow both armoured and rapier combatants to demonstrate the chivalric virtues within the lists. A procession and helm show will precede the fighting, with prizes awarded for those who exemplify chivalric virtues upon the field. We will also honour Hlafdige AElfwyn aet Langanwuda’s vigil for the Order of the Chivalry; her elevation will take place during evening Court.

Royalty liaison and Emprise organizer: Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Armoured Combat Marshal in Charge: The Honourable Lord Colyne Stewart
Armoured Combat King-At-Arms: Baron Richard Larmer

Rapier Combat Marshal in Charge: The Honourable Lady Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell, Companion of the Order of Defense,

Note: Tournaments and rapier combat will take place weather permitting; there is no indoor venue for them at this site.


The 2016 Feast of the Bear A&S Display/Competition is on the theme of “Collaboration.”

This is a chance to show off your group projects!

Projects must involve at least two artisans to qualify. For example: embroidery using thread spun and dyed by one person and stitched by a second person; clothing where the various pieces are done by different people; food where the herbs were grown by one person and the cooking done by another; a wooden chest carved by three different people; a scroll where the illumination, calligraphy, paint, and ink are all made by different people, etc.

Let’s show that Ealdormere artisans are more than the sum of their parts!

Call for servers: if you are interested in serving feast, please contact the autocrats at feastofthebear@gmail.com
Feast of the Bear Schedule
10:00 am   Troll opens
11:00 am   Morning Court
The Emprise will begin after Morning Court
12:30 pm  Lunch
  1:30 pm  Baronial Moot
  2:15 pm  a Grand Melee will be held
  3:00 pm  Mistress AElfwyn will hold the field for an hour
  4:00 pm  Heather Dale concert
  5:00 pm  Evening Court
  6:30 pm   Feast
10:00 pm  Site closes
Registration Fees:
Non-member Event Registration: $20
Member Discount Event Registration: $15
Youth 12 to 16: $7.00
Children under 12: free

Family cap: $40
Feast: $15 – menu TBD
Children four and under may share their parents’/guardians’ feast and are free. People five years of age and up pay full price.
Lunch: $5 – menu TBD


Feast will be presented by Lord Gunnar Halfdan of Lund.

Feast of the Bear menu (provisional):

– breads and butters, and delicacies to tempt the tongue

– pottage of peas and barley

– golden chicken (from the farm of Mistress Aurelia Gabraina and Lord Graeme de Cherbourg), stuffed with orange and onion, roasted, served over rice, with a saffron butter sauce

– salad greens, sautéed with garlic and sea salt

– savory cheese and egg tart

– sweet bites to ease the digestion and reawaken the appetite

– roast beef with a jolly red nose (cooked in a sauce of red wine, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves)

– honey glazed carrots and roots

– the food of the gods*, with suitable company

*with many thanks to her majesty of blessed memory who by royal decree – cursed be they who call it but a whim – declared that, in Ealdormere, chocolate is period

For dietary questions, feast reservations, and gate related questions, please contact Lady Petra at feastofthebear@gmail.com. Please make cheques payable to “SCA – Eoforwic”.

Baronial Moot

At Their Excellencies Septentria’s request, there will be a Baronial moot at this event.


If you have banners, please bring them – the main hall is lovely, and they will look great there!


There is a limited amount of room for presences in the main hall, to be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Please email feastofthebear@gmail.come for a reservation. We will post a note when all available places are booked.


Merchants are welcome at no charge. Please contact Lady Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert at mya@goldenhedgehog.com for details.

A&S and Classes


Children’s Activities


Event Autocrats

Lady Helena Katerina del Roero and Lady Daya Speyerin can be reached at feastofthebear@gmail.com


More details to follow – please check back from time to time!