One of the many things that attracts people to the SCA is the combat.DSC_2353
We try to recreate the look and feel of tournament and melee combat as it would have occurred in medieval times.
There is nothing like the thrill of battle, especially when fighting with your closest friends.

Combat is not rehearsed and occurs at full speed, full contact, and with sufficient force for an opponent to acknowledge a blow.
While we try to recreate the look and feel of medieval times as closely as possible, some allowances are made for safety and modern conveniences. There are strict armour standards to ensure the safety of combatants. Our armoured combat uses rattan weapons instead of live steel.  Beginners are instructed by an experienced fighter and are taught the basics both in and out of armour. They are welcome to attend all practices but must pass a safety test before being able to participate in any SCA sanctioned tournaments or melees.

Fighting in the SCA is probably one of the most affordable sports one can enjoy, and is open to all people, no matter the gender or aptitude level. Loaner gear is usually available for those wishing to come and try it out (we ask that you contact your local marshal prior to coming out for the first time, to ensure equipment is available for you).

While we do our best to encourage minors, combatants must be 16 years old (with parental consent) or 18 years of age to participate in combat. Combat for younger kids using padded weapons may be available in some areas.IMG_36848178832338

In Toronto, our practice location changes seasonally and with site availability. The best way to keep up to date on current fight practice information is to join the Swords of Eoforwic Facebook group, or contact the current Marshal for Armoured Combat in Toronto -

Fight practice has been moved to our summer location at Baycrest Park

Parking is near Baycrest arena off Neptune drive. For TTC, get off at yorkdale station and take the stairs at the north end of the platform. Once outside the station, turn left and follow the sidewalk into Baycrest Park. We will be near Baycrest Arena.

The practices are on Fridays, held bi-weekly. Start time is 7:30pm and will run to 9:00pm.

Don't have armour? That's ok! Fill out our armour rental form to borrow some!


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